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    3 Solid Ideas for Growing Your Contractor Business

    3 Solid Ideas for Growing Your Contractor Business Running your own business can be tough, but the hard work can certainly pay off. Here are three solid ideas for building up your contractor business for success.   1- Be Honest, Loyal, and Available Perhaps the biggest determinant of business success is how trustworthy you are […]

  • Concrete Countertops vs. Marble Countertops

    Concrete Countertops vs. Marble Countertops Countertops are a significant investment, and they can easily make or break a kitchen or bathroom design. It’s important to understand the pros and cons of different materials before making a purchase. If you find yourself swaying back and forth between marble and concrete countertops in Utah, you’re in luck; […]

  • Redo Your Driveway Without Hiring Contractors

    Redo Your Driveway Without Hiring Contractors Are you tired of looking at your old, worn-out driveway? Are the years of use starting to show through fading and discoloration? You don’t need an expensive contractor to solve your problem, Stonecrete Systems’ Roll-Top Cement turns your driveway into a simple DIY project. Why Choose StoneCrete Systems Roll-Top […]

  • 2018 Kitchen Countertop Design Trends

    Kitchen Countertop Design Trends for 2018 The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. And at the heart of the kitchen are the countertops. It’s a good idea to always keep your kitchen looking its best. But even if you can’t afford a total overhaul, there are some easy, cheaper ways to keep your […]

  • 5 DIY Kitchen Projects to Consider this Year

    If you’re like most homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the place where your family gathers for precious moments, where your friends flock for snacks and small talk, and where you spend time making meals. If you’re interested in giving your kitchen a facelift but don’t want to deal with the […]

  • What is Roll-Top Cement?

    Every city and neighborhood has millions of square feet of discolored, cracked concrete in need of repair. Oil stains, ground shifting, and other natural causes can really do a number on concrete over the years, but the majority of these much-needed repairs go ignored for years. Why? Because replacing concrete can typically be a huge […]

  • Stamped Tile System Offers a New Way to Transform Existing Concrete

    By Anne Balogh, columnist For homeowners who want to give their existing driveways the look of decorative stamped concrete, the traditional option has been to apply a stamped concrete overlay. But now there is a new method that is not only easier to install, but also makes it possible to achieve a perfect stamped […]