Restore old, faded and discolored concrete to look like new with
Roll-Top Cement System

Real Cement, Rolled On Like Paint!

  • Step 1 – Clean the surface by scrubbing with detergent and pressure washing.
  • Step 2 – Repair any cracks with StoneCrete Crack Repair Epoxy.
  • Step 3 – Apply Roll-Top Primer and let dry 2-4 hours.
  • Step 4 – Apply Roll-Top Cement in the color desired using a 3/8” – 1 1/4” nap paint roller depending on the texture of the surface.
  • Step 5 – Apply Color Antique Powder mixed with water using a pump-up sprayer.
  • Step 6 – Apply two coats of StoneSeal sealer using an acetone resistant pump-up sprayer.

Covers over most previously sealed or unsealed surfaces in one coat after applying Roll-Top Primer.


Before Roll-Top Cement





After Roll-Top Cement


After applying Roll-Top Cement the surface will look like real cement because Roll-Top is made with real cement. Most of the ingredients in Roll-Top are the same ingredients already in the concrete so both are compatible with each other. Roll-Top allows you to restore the surface of the concrete to look like new in almost any color desired. It works best over stamped concrete surfaces in combination with our Color Antique Powder and StoneSeal sealer. (The colors above are one kit of Roll-Top cement mixed with 2 oz. of Pebble 641 pigment. The antiquing was done with 3 oz. of our Kailua Color Antique Powder mixed with one gallon of water, and a second highlight coat of Graphite Color Antique Powder mixed 2 oz. per gallon of water. The Graphite was sprayed in random spots to create shadowing after the Kailua dried. (See video below for more details.)

There are literally millions of square feet in every city of old, worn, and discolored concrete surfaces in need of repair. Watch a short how-to video of how easy it was to make the job above and others look like new with Roll-Top Cement!

Roll-Top Cement was featured in the July 2015 100th Anniversary Edition of the Concrete Decor Magazine as the 10th Milestone in the history of concrete.


Pictures of Roll-Top and Color Antique Powder Jobs

Besides being used to resurface and restore old stamped concrete, Roll-Top Cement can also be used as a base color over smooth concrete surfaces before applying acid stains or dyes. System






How To Order

Roll-Top Cement – 1.5 gallon kit

Mix with water and one of our colors below or any of your local concrete integral colors. Covers up to 300 sq. ft. per kit or cost approximately $0.30 per sq. ft.. Only requires one coat. Apply as a cementitious color base coat before applying antiquing, stains, or dyes.


Davis Integral Color – 2 lbs.

Iron oxide powder pigments for coloring regular concrete or Roll-Top Cement. Available in 40 colors. See the Davis Color Chart below or request a color chart be mailed to you for better accuracy. (More information below)

Color Antique Powder – 3 lbs.

Mix 2-4 oz. with one gallon of water and spray over Roll-Top to let puddle using a pump-up sprayer. Covers Up to 3000 sq. ft. per bottle or $0.02 per sq. ft.

How to Mix Color into Roll-Top Cement

Roll-Top comes in a gray cement base and can be mixed with our integral colors or any concrete integral color from your local concrete supply store. If using our colors it would be best to request that a chart be mailed to you for better color accuracy. We use Davis Colors and would be happy to send you a free chart.

Most concrete supply stores will sell iron oxide powder pigments in 1-5 lb. quantities. To color Roll-Top, add one teaspoon or ounce at a time (by volume) of the concrete pigment you are using into the mixed Roll-Top bucket. Use a teaspoon for lighter colors. Mix thoroughly with a drill and one gallon size mixing paddle.

After mixing each teaspoon or ounce dip your finger into the Roll-Top and hold it next to the color selected on the chart. If too light add another teaspoon or ounce of color and mix again. Keep doing this, adding a teaspoon or ounce at a time and mixing until you achieve the color desired. Write down how many teaspoons or ounces that particular color required for future reference in case you want to use that color again. When using powder pigments always pour the mixed Roll-Top and color through a 1-5 gallon size nylon paint strainer before rolling or you’ll get color streaks. Liquid colors do not require straining.

Roll-Top can also be made with white cement to create lighter custom colors upon request. When using white cement based Roll-Top it will need to be mixed with Sherwin Williams or other paint store liquid pigments. Ask us for more details at (801) 224-1347.


Roll-Top Integral Colors and Antique Colors

The chart below shows the approximate amount of pigment to add to each kit of Roll-Top. The amount will depend on how light or dark you want the color to be. Add one ounce at a time while mixing Roll-Top with a drill. Match the color in the bucket of Roll-Top by eye to the color chart. The highlighted colors below are also available in the Color Antique Powder for antiquing over the Roll-Top. Color Antique Powder is made with the pigments below but also has other ingredients mixed in to make it work properly when added to water, liquid release agent, acetone, or StoneSeal. Besides using Color Antique Powder for antiquing over Roll-Top, you can also use other types of concrete stains and dyes.

Note: All colors below are available in Davis Integral Colors. The dark gray boxes are also available in Color Antique Powder.

Pebble Silversmoke Bayou San Diego Buff Southern Blush Mesquite Pewter
Canyon Dune Light Gray Cocoa Sunset Rose Salmon Taupe Cobblestone
Santa Fe. Outback Omaha Tan Sangria Baja Red Mesa Buff Sierra Graphite
Mocha Sequoia Sand Harvest Gold Tile Red Terra Cotta Palomino Adobe Willow Green
Rustic Brown Yosemite Brown Dark Gray Brick Red Spanish Gold Flagstone Brown Kailua Green Slate
To color Roll-Top with Davis Integral Color will require approximately: 1-3 oz for light colors, 4-8 oz for medium colors, and 10-14 oz for dark colors. Add 1 oz at a time with a mixing drill until the color desired is achieved. (Request a FREE color chart)

The Chapin acetone resistant pump-up sprayer is recommended for applying StoneSeal. StoneCrete Color Antique Powder mixed with water can also be applied with this sprayer or it can be applied using a 1/2 – 1 gallon $10-$15 pump-up garden sprayer from Home Depot and Lowes.



Chapin 19249 Xtreme Concrete Sprayer, Lined Steel, 3 1/2 gal,12 in. Extension, 48 in. Hose features:

  • Resistance to the most extreme chemicals and high concentrations of acetone, naphtha and xylene.
  • TRI-POXY® lined steel for triple protection against corrosion, rust and damage from denting.
  • Wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning.