What is Roll-Top Cement?

Every city and neighborhood has millions of square feet of discolored, cracked concrete in need of repair. Oil stains, ground shifting, and other natural causes can really do a number on concrete over the years, but the majority of these much-needed repairs go ignored for years. Why? Because replacing concrete can typically be a huge headache, involving chiseling and breaking up the concrete, shoveling the pieces away, and laying a gravel base, and finally mixing and pouring new concrete.

Luckily, roll-top cement is a revolutionary invention that can save hours of labor and large bills when someone is looking to replace their concrete.

How is Roll-Top Cement Made?

Roll-top cement is made with real cement, but the formula can simply be rolled over worn surfaces to restore the concrete to look brand new. This paint-like mixture is compatible with concrete because it has the same ingredients, but the system is much easier than replacing an entire area of concrete.

What kind of Job is Roll-Top Cement Best Suited For?

Roll-top cement works best over stamped concrete surfaces and comes in more than 40 beautiful shades like Sandstone, Pebble, or Yosemite Brown. These colors combined with antiquing powder will give a unique, high-end look that will appear to have cost more than twice the price you paid. The system can also be used as a base color to smooth concrete surfaces before applying acid stains or dyes. And StoneSeal sealer can be used to create a durable, stain-resistant top coat to your roll-top cement after your staining layer is complete.

StoneCrete Systems has a wealth of information on their website to help you start choosing your custom color and antique powder combination. By ordering through StoneCrete, you’ll be able to restore your concrete to its former glory at a fraction of the cost and time spent on traditional concrete replacement. Contact them today to create a stunning new look for your yard, driveway, garage, or commercial space.