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With “Ben Ashby’s Concrete Countertop Process” you will have the know how to create: Concrete Countertops in many styles, Vanities, Integral Sinks, and Fire Tables. Once you master these projects, you can go on to learn more advanced skills like Concrete Showers, Outdoor Kitchens, Hearths, Benches, Monuments, Fireplace Surrounds, and Mantels

ALABAMA Class Schedule 

Ashby Countertop 4-Day Training Class Schedule in Enterprise, Alabama.

October 30-Nov 2 

February 5-8

The cost to enroll in the 4-day class is $2,995 for up to 2 people. Each attendee will be given a training manual, certificate, and free access to over 8 hours of downloadable how-to videos to watch prior to class. The class is taught by Tamara Gilgenast, and videos are taught by Ben Ashby.

Tamara Gilgenast

Meet Tamara Gilgenast

Tamara Gilgenast combines passion and a veteran’s discipline and attention to detail to create works of art in concrete. She discovered The Ashby System about 10 years ago, and now has an extensive portfolio. During these 10 years, Tamara has trained directly with her mentor and friend Ben Ashby to learn the skills she has used to create a wide variety of projects. Her motto is, “If we can form it, we can create it.” According to Tamara, “The Ashby System is unique from the others. Ben Ashby has created a system that looks like natural stone and presents an earthy, warm appearance. It’s absolutely stunning. The concrete has a beautiful rustic and raw look but remains warm and elegant. This is art in concrete — every piece is beautiful and unique. Continued training keeps it fresh.” Tamara says, “When I’m working with customers and they see the finished pieces, the joy on their faces of how much they love their concrete is the crowning reward for everything.” Tamara’s other half is her husband, Ralph. He works by day as a senior aviation analyst at Fort Rucker, then goes to the shop with her in the evenings. “He is my go-to guy when it comes to logistical support and a pro with loading and installing the concrete. His military experience is priceless when it comes to professionalism in the shop and during installations.”
Tamara is ready to share her passion and expertise with a new generation of Ashby System artists. Her classes will be a great contribution to the decorative concrete field, as well as to each student she teaches. Click on the gallery to see Tamara’s body of work.

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ConcreteCountertop Training Workshop Daily Outline

This is a 4-day hands-on course. In class, we will be making an L-shaped Ashby style kitchen countertop with seam, a natural Bohemian style concrete vanity with integral sink, and a fire table – from template and design, to pouring, to final sealing and installation. We give you all the information you need to create a business completely from scratch. No previous experience necessary! The class puts an emphasis on artistry and design techniques. Days are full in order to finish a complete kitchen in less than 4 days, so you get your money’s worth. You will also create your own sample completely on your own, that you are able to take with you if you choose.

Day 1
  • Templating
  • Artistic design and seam layout
  • Form building (seamed countertop, integral sink vanity top/top hat, fire table top)
  • Difficult natural seam application
  • Table Vibrator set up, Securing form: Cleats
  • Undermount sink block-outs,
  • Mixing and pouring
  • Mottling and veining techniques
  • Clean up: tools and equipment care and maintenance
  • Vertical surfaces: Handling, prep requirements, installation (Discussion)
  • Finishing and curing
Day 2
  • Flipping and stripping forms
  • Edge molds care and maintenance
  • Preparing and initial sealing of concrete
  • Detailing concrete
  • Understanding our mix designs and reinforcing methods
  • Sales and advertising techniques
  • Applying secondary sealers
  • Creating oversized pieces
  • Final sealer application (as required)
Day 3
  • Designing and building fireplaces, backsplashes, stove niches, showers, and furniture
  • Troubleshooting Q and A
  • Lifting, moving, loading and transporting of concrete pieces
  • Kitchen Countertop Installation (Setting of undermount sink, Seam Finishing Technique)
Day 4
  • Assembling Fire Table, Fire Table Safety
  • Vanity Top Installation, Backsplash Installation, Faucet connection, Drain connection.
  • Custom Sink Molds
  • Q&A
Each class size is limited to ensure a meaningful experience, so register early. RESERVE YOUR SPACE NOW! Enroll online or contact a sales representative, at (801) 224-1347.
Best value Concrete Countertop Training Class in the industry:

All the know how to build a complete Concrete Countertop Business from scratch
Technical support directly from Tamara Gilgenast
Product support from StoneCrete Systems
Class can pay for itself in as little as one job
Costs less than other classes teaching this many products and techniques

“Ben Ashby’s Concrete Countertop Process”
is very easy to learn and requires no polishing, saving cost on expensive polishing equipment, supplies, and labor. Register today to learn the secret to making concrete countertops look like natural stone with decorative molded edges. Our 4 day Training Workshops are limited to 10 people per class so reserve your space early.

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