Ashby Basic System – DIY Concrete Countertops

Our Ashby Basic System is designed for diy concrete countertops or contractors who would like to create a basic concrete countertop in the popular Bohemian industrial style. This standard concrete look can be achieved using our Ashby Admix SR (super-reinforced), our Pinhole Grout Mix, and our Ashby SuperSeal and CounterSeal 3 sealers with no polishing required. Purchase these products below to learn on your own or attend one of our monthly training classes. How-to videos are also available.

Ashby Admix SR


Mix one kit of Admix SR with 3 bags of your local 3500-5000 psi ready-mix concrete or 2 bags of Maximizer Light Weight mix to create your own durable, crack resistant concrete countertops. One kit will cover 12 sq. ft. at 2” thick or 16 sq. ft. at 1 ½” thick.

Pinhole Grout Mix

Pinhole Grout Mix is used to fill any pinholes in the concrete countertop after applying the first coat of SuperSeal. Once the pinholes are filled, apply a second coat of SuperSeal followed by a topcoat of CounterSeal 3.


SuperSeal is used as the first prime coat to achieve a superior bond to the concrete surface and to bring out its natural colors. After the first coat check for any pinholes which can be filled using our Pinhole Grout Mix. One kit of SuperSeal will cover 400-500 sq. ft.

CounterSeal 3

CounterSeal 3 is used as the final topcoat sealer to provide a scratch and stain resistant finish. CounterSeal 3 is available in a satin finish. One kit of CounterSeal 3 will cover up to 400 sq. ft. (Available in half kit sizes upon request.)

The products above can be used to create a natural concrete color and appearance as shown in the pictures above. For more color options, choose one of our Ashby Integral Colors (request a color chart) or mix Ashby Admix SR with your local concrete pigments. To learn how to use our Marbleizer product to create more decorative concrete countertops that look like natural stone with decorative edges and veins, attend one of our monthly classes or purchase our how-to videos. Visit our training page for more information.