Unique Edge Molding Designs for Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Customized concrete countertops are a beautiful way to add unique taste and style to your kitchen, and concrete countertop edge molds from Stonecrete Systems take that design just one elegant step further.

Material Types

Three materials are primarily used: plastic, foam, and rubber. Plastic is most often used by contractors who are constructing the countertop in the field, pouring and finishing in the kitchen of the client. Plastic forms work well and can give you a smooth finished edge, but you are quite limited on style. Foam can also be used, and it is much less expensive, but it has the same limitations as plastic when it comes to design. The best material for your concrete edge molds is rubber. With rubber, your concrete countertop edge mold designs can be as endless as your creativity, and rubber molds are reusable.

Concrete Edge Mold Designs

Customizing your concrete countertops is so much fun, from the colors you choose for your concrete to the marbleization and of course your edge mold design. You can keep it simple with a bullnose or clean rail design. If your kitchen has a rustic feel, try a random plank, weathered wood or even a barbed wire pattern. Choose a grapevine edge mold for a Mediterranean feel. If you really want to customize your kitchen, you can have a mold designed for you.

The rubber concrete edge molds are easy to use. After your form is built, using 1” brad nails you will attach the edge mold to the 2” of melamine above your form surface. This will ensure that the nail embeds in the rubber mold just enough to not create a hole in your finished concrete edge, but not so deep that it creates a dimple. REMEMBER, attach your edge mold top down. You will also want to install supports on the corners of your countertop form to keep your countertop edge mold from moving or wrinkling. Either of those can create a disruption in the pattern of your mold design.

Straight edges are great in a no-nonsense commercial kitchen, but the incredible concrete edge molds from Stonecrete Systems will make your kitchen a work of art that is all you. For more information about concrete countertops and edge molds, contact us today.