Redo Your Driveway Without Hiring Contractors

Redo Your Driveway Without Hiring Contractors

Are you tired of looking at your old, worn-out driveway? Are the years of use starting to show through fading and discoloration? You don’t need an expensive contractor to solve your problem, Stonecrete Systems’ Roll-Top Cement turns your driveway into a simple DIY project.

Why Choose StoneCrete Systems Roll-Top Cement?

Roll-Top Cement can make your worn-out, discolored concrete or stamped concrete look like new! It’s highly compatible with concrete because of one simple reason—most of its ingredients are also found in concrete.

Your concrete driveway won’t simply be restored to its former glory, it will be better! Roll-Top Concrete can be applied with almost any color you wish to create the look the driveway design ideas you desire.

Follow these simple steps or watch our video to get started.

Clean the Surface

It’s important to start with a clean surface. To that end, first, spray and scrub your driveway with detergent. Use an outdoor broom to scrub the surface well.

Next, pressure wash the driveway to remove any weak areas. Rinse the surface clean afterward.

If you are working with smooth surfaces, they should be acid-washed, neutralized, and rinsed before applying the Roll-Top Cement.

Mix the Roll-Top Cement

To prepare the Roll-Top Cement, first pour 2 ½ quarts of water into a bucket. You’ll then add Roll-Top part B. Next, add Roll-Top Cement part A. Use a drill to mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Add in Color

Our standard Roll-Top Cement comes as a gray base color. However, you can mix integral colors from us—we use Davis Colors—or any concrete supply store. Most stores offer one to five-pound bags of iron oxide powder pigments.

Add the liquid or powder color into your Roll-Top mix one teaspoon or ounce at a time. This allows you to control the color more easily. If you want a lighter color, use the teaspoon. If you’re going for a darker shade, add it in by the ounce. Thoroughly mix the color in using a drill and a gallon-size mixing paddle.

At StoneCrete Systems, we want to make sure you end up with the perfect driveway. That’s why we provide a color chart upon request if you choose to buy your colors from us. After you add each ounce or teaspoon, dip your finger into the mix and compare the color to the chart. If it’s still a little too light, simply add more coloring and repeat the process until you reach your desired shade.

If you use powdered colors, make sure to pour the mixture through a paint strainer before rolling.

Applying the Roll-Top Cement

Once you’ve achieved your preferred color, it’s time to apply the cement. Fortunately, this step is easy. Simply cover your roller, then roll the cement onto your driveway. This is best done with a ⅜”- 1 ¼” nap paint roller

Next, apply the color antique powder mixed with water. Use a pump-up sprayer to apply a nice, even coat.

Applying Roll-Top Cement on Old, Stamped Concrete

If you’re working with old, stamped, painted concrete, first clean the surface and then apply the Roll-Top Cement.

Mix 2-4 oz of antique powder per gallon of water into a sprayer then shake the sprayer to mix it. Spray the mixture over the Roll-Top and let it puddle in low areas of texture.

Adding Highlight Color

To add highlight color, lightly fog the first color with water using the sprayer. Next, spray the highlight color in random spots to create the effect.

Applying Stone Seal

First, mix the stone steal in a 1:1 ratio with acetone. Apply the first coat of stone seal to bring out the gorgeous, antique colors. Next, apply the second coat.

You can make your concrete driveway ideas a reality in no time. Buy the Roll-Top system today!