3 Solid Ideas for Growing Your Contractor Business

3 Solid Ideas for Growing Your Contractor Business

Running your own business can be tough, but the hard work can certainly pay off. Here are three solid ideas for building up your contractor business for success.


1- Be Honest, Loyal, and Available

Perhaps the biggest determinant of business success is how trustworthy you are as a contractor. Unfortunately, the industry is rife with contractors who do not hold that title…but for those who are honest, loyal, and available comes a wealth of satisfied customers who can each refer you to dozens of potential clients.

Be honest with your recommendations, cost estimates, and completion timelines. Be loyal to your employees and subcontractors. Be available during business hours and sometimes even after hours. Also, be available in the way of being fully present and really listening when your customers are communicating with you. These three things, more than anything else, build a wealth of trust that will follow you around for years to come.


2- Use Creative Marketing Tactics

Sure, you can put your 4-inch by 4-inch ad in the local mailer but what are the odds that anyone will even see it…especially at a time when they are actively seeking a contractor for their project? There are so many new and creative ways to market your business these days and it doesn’t pay to ignore them.


Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Start a blog and post how-to videos
  • Sponsor local events or a local team
  • Offer a hard-to-pass-up deal
  • Manage an active social media business account
  • Tap your subcontractors for referrals
  • Team up with a charity organization
  • Create a winning logo and form your brand
  • Snag a celebrity endorsement
  • Solicit customer reviews
  • Utilize professional photos and drone videos
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly


3- Become THE Specialist In Your Area

Set yourself apart from all the other contractors in your area by being either “the only” or “the best” in a specific niche market. Do a little research and find out which type of contractor work isn’t being well serviced in your city and surrounding localities. Then, do everything you can to become qualified enough to be that specialist. Join niche-specific industry associations, receive proper training, and earn niche-specific certifications.

As an example of contractor specialization, you can become “the only” or “the best” StoneCrete System Specialist who installs concrete countertops that look like natural stone. Expand your business by becoming a concrete artist who knows the secret to using decorative edge molds and no-polishing techniques of The Ashby System.

Don’t forget to market, market, market the fact that you are the StoneCrete System Specialist in your town! Before you know it, you’ll have clients lining up to use your services because they will want “the best” work done in their indoor and outdoor kitchens.

Although owning your own contracting business isn’t always easy, it doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. By employing these three suggestions and working hard, your business won’t only succeed but can grow financially and be a rewarding endeavor for you.


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