How to Do DIY Driveway Resurfacing with StoneCrete’s Stamped Concrete Tiles

Jenise, a DIY blogger in Florida, wrote a blog post about the DIY driveway resurfacing project she did for her parents. She used StoneCrete’s Stamped Concrete Tile System, unique in the marketplace today. This system is simple enough for a beginner to use, costs a fraction of other stamped concrete systems, and has tiles that are crack-resistant.

Stamped Concrete Tiles are Simple and More Affordable

Although Scott Rogers, the owner of StoneCrete, and the inventor, Gerry Sadleir, helped her lay the tiles for her story, it was possible for her to do it alone.

Jenise pointed out that traditional stamped concrete costs about $10 per square foot and that her parents’ driveway would cost $7,000 at that rate. But StoneCrete’s DIY stamped concrete tiles cost only about $3 per square foot, saving nearly $5,000!

How StoneCrete’s Stamped Concrete Tile System Works

This system allows you to install, on your own, stamped concrete tiles on a driveway, yes, but also for a walkway, porch, garage floor, pool deck, patio, or other areas.

StoneCrete has a training video so that anyone can learn to install them with no previous experience in laying concrete. Also, available options include a half-day training class, training during the project, or letting a professional do the project for you.

StoneCrete’s tiles fit together just like a jigsaw puzzle, and there are no spaces or joints between them. They always have the exact texture for the look they’re supposed to have. And they can be laid over uneven surfaces, conforming to the curves of the ground or other surfaces.

StoneCrete tiles resist changes in temperature—from extreme heat to freezing and thawing conditions—with resistance to cracking. They’re durable and flexible. Be aware that any system applied over concrete can crack if the concrete below it cracks from earth movement or other factors. Stonecrete’s tile system is designed to be crack-resistant.

The tile system comes with molds into which you simply pour the concrete. After it dries, you simply remove your new tiles. It’s so simple, anyone can do it by hand because the mold is light and flexible. The finished tiles are light and easy to stack up to take to your work site.

A Variety of Colors and Patterns

Currently, StoneCrete Stamped Concrete Tiles come in many colors to fit your unique location. They also come in two patterns: Random Stone and Ashlar Slate (and more patterns are in the works). When you lay them down, each tile is the exact same shape as the others and so is very simple fit in, but the patterns on them make them appear to be highly intricate and create interesting designs.

After you’ve laid the tiles down, you apply roll-top cement, color antiquing, and stone seal. And it’s done.

The StoneCrete Stamped Concrete Tile system has been designed by masters of the craft of concrete tiles to be simple and make a beginner look like a master. And don’t your parents need a new driveway, after all?