Ashby Admix SR 10 Kits in Bulk (Super Reinforced)



Order in bulk and save $10 per kit.




The Bulk option is $600 for 10 kits in bulk packaging. It comes in two boxes that look like the Admix SR box except larger.


Ashby Admix SR (super reinforced) has extra additives for  enhanced properties. This is our most popular, most durable, easy to use admix for pouring regular or lightweight precast concrete countertops. It requires no rebar or other reinforcing in most situations and can be poured as thin as 1/2″ up to 2″ thick, depending on the project. Ashby Admix SR is a proven mix design that has been used successfully for many years to produce beautiful concrete countertops, fireplaces, restaurant tables, bar tops, outdoor barbeques, and for many other applications. It is currently being used by furniture companies to create indoor and outdoor patio furniture such as umbrella tables, coffee tables, end tables, dining room tables, fire rings, kitchens and more.

Ashby Admix SR weighs only 15 lbs., making it less expensive to ship, and is added to three 80-90 lb. bags of your local 3500-5000 psi ready mix concrete, such as Quikrete 5000. It can also be mixed with two 80 lb. bags of your local lightweight concrete such as Maximizer (by Sakcrete) or Maximum Yield (by Quikrete) where available.  Save $10 per kit by ordering 10 or more kits in bulk packaging.