Dear Ben,

I want to thank you for getting me started with concrete countertops. I had always admired the look of concrete in kitchens and bathrooms and decided to search the Internet in hopes that I could figure out how to build the countertops myself. I ordered a few DVDs and read everything I could get my hands on. After seeing your website I knew immediately that you had a unique product and I wanted to learn how to do what you were doing.
I attended your second class and was amazed at how you were able to simplify the process and have everyone in the class creating countertops immediately. The class was very well done and well thought out and there was no doubt you were an expert and had perfected this art.
I left the class and immediately began building countertops for houses in my hometown. I was in business from the first day I got back from the class.  In the past year I have been as busy as I want to be with this business and turn away as many jobs as I take.  I really love creating these works of art and controlling every little detail during the process.
The reaction when someone sees the countertops for the first time is priceless. The first question is always “how did you do that?!” Finally I want to thank you for the support since attending the class. I remember the night I was pouring my first job and I called your cell phone for help. You were very nice to deal with me in my panic and I’ll always be grateful. I also really enjoy going to your forum and reading about the other students and their projects and your continued updates on techniques and products.

Thanks again for everything.

Keith Hamrick