Hey Ben, Less than one year ago, I attended the first Ben Ashby training class, my oldest son Ryan has a Concrete Solutions resurfacing business and we thought this might be a good addition for him, he was too busy to attend, so I thought a weekend in Vegas was a good idea for me. The course was interesting and although never having made a countertop before, went away with the confidence to take on this new challenge. The tools and equipment are pretty basic to most workshops so start up costs were very minimal. I took the 20″ x 20″ sample we made in class with me on the plane home (talk about overweight baggage!) showed it to a few cabinet shops and local designers, and taught my 24,17 and 13 year old sons how to do it.

In the first year Ryan added over $100,000 revenue to his decorative concrete business creating some amazing kitchen pieces, bathroom sinks, walking showers, outside kitchens, fireplace facades, outside entrances etc… What started as a way to fill in a little slow time in the winter and rain days has become a very successful venture. My younger boys also enjoy making custom counters with molded sinks, and a variety of custom furniture pieces, Nathan (17) will be attending University this fall and intends to make some extra cash doing this in his spare time. At $125-150 per sq ft for most pieces, he quite likes it! I can’t say enough about your simple yet amazing system, and the tremendous support you provide.
Thanks Ben


Eric, Ryan, Nate and Kevin Speijer,
Your “Canadian” Ben Ashby concrete artist