A special thank you! About 2 years ago I got into the concrete world. I did all my homework and on my way I went. So, I did decorative concrete knowing that I hadn’t found that one thing I really enjoyed doing. While placing an order one day I saw The Ashby System and I thought that it was beautiful and very different from anything that was out there. I did some checking and decided to take the training. That was the start of a new career for me. I found the class to be extremely educational and informative with excellent hands on training. Mr. Ashby worked very hard at giving us all the information he could, or shall I say we could absorb, for being able to go home and actually make a countertop and having it look like it wasn’t your first job ever.

I now have several companies promoting this product and they are as excited about it as I am. When I showed a sample to these companies they couldn’t believe that it was concrete, they were stunned. They as well as myself have spent several months on promoting and advertising this product correctly and it is really starting to pay off. I also have a cabinet manufacturer that is going to promote this product and they are in 12 different states. To anyone who is thinking about taking this adventurous leap in your career of concrete countertops, I highly recommend this product as well as the company you are dealing with, they are greatly respected in the concrete world. It’s a new exciting and different approach to the concrete world and how better for you, than to be one of the first to get to introduce the product in your area. Good luck to everyone who takes this leap. It’s only a win win for us all.

A special thanks to Ben Ashby for coming forth and sharing his exciting product and also to Concrete Solutions for introducing these countertops to all of us. I look forward to the years to come and watch this product take over the concrete countertops industry.

Denisa Bauer, S&D Creative Design