About The Ashby System

Ben Ashby

Ben Ashby’s Concrete Countertop Philosophy

Remember back to the first time you heard the term Concrete Countertop. You imagined your 20 year old driveway in all its oil-stained glory sitting atop your cabinets. Why would any rational individual even consider such an outlandish thing, concrete, on your countertops! This is the reaction I still get from many as I try to explain my product to the curious. Their reaction is always the same as I produce pictures to show them my latest project. “There’s no way that is concrete!” It has always been satisfying to assure them that it is.

For years, as I experimented and emulated what I saw in books and on the internet, I noticed that as beautiful as these countertops were, everyone seemed to be doing their own version of the same style. It has always been a very contemporary look, sleek and polished. This style required precise formwork and a lot of grinding and polishing. My countertop system is much less labor intensive and requires no polishing.

To an artist, concrete is an empty canvas waiting to be given shape and color, texture and style. The natural look that can be achieved with the Ashby System is quite remarkable.

Ben Ashby’s Concrete Countertop Process Advantages:
Easy to learn
Requires no polishing, saving cost on expensive polishing equipment, supplies, and labor
Unique style for every countertop you create
Low cost of entry and exceptional support
Newest technology for sealers in both gloss and matt finishes
GFRC mixes without the use of rebar
Proprietary edge molds, sink molds, medallions and other decorative molds

Learn the secret to making concrete countertops look like natural stone with decorative molded edges.